One-to-One computer, tablet and smart phone help – private lessons & help in & around Doncaster & Rotherham, UK. All in your home or office, all at your own pace.

 Personal tuition/set-up on devices such as iPad, iPhone, Windows, Apple Mac, Android, Samsung Galaxy, laptop & desktop in your own home, at your own pace.

One-off sessions, a batch of sessions, or regular weekly tuition – a schedule and learning journey specifically tailored for you.

Remote assistance also available in some cases. Please contact me to discuss this option.

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Click here to log in - No!!!Oh, it happens often. You get an email alerting you that something drastic will happen if you do not take some urgent action to save your account from impending doom – and it is about as true as saying that if you do not hop on your left leg 17 times IMMEDIATELY whilst spinning and whistling ‘Edelweiss’, the universe will implode. Your suspicions could have been raised by the fact that you have never had such an account with the company who is emailing you, or perhaps you do have an account with this company, but not associated with the email address that you received the alert to. Even if you think that the email is genuine and relevant, it is good practice to become deeply suspicious of all such clickable links, and instead of clicking on anything within an email, independently make your own way to your browser and enter the web address of the company in question to log in. Experienced scamsters can easily replicate the look of a genuine email, or an entire website, for that matter, leading you to unknowingly give away your log in details. This can lead to financial loss or data loss. Enjoy reading my little tips and warnings, but also you might find a few other useful things mixed in there as well…… safe and sensible online. – and please give it a ‘Like’ whilst you are there!
Do you know someone who could do with a little help?


Give the gift of personalised computer tuition to the person in your life who already has everything – except technical know-how! Click on the ‘Gift Certificate’ above for details.

Need to set up a new gadget? Never fear, Twinkle Tec is here!

If you have bought a present for someone and need help setting it up, or you are the lucky recipient of such a gift, get in touch! I can get you up and running and write down all the details that you will need to keep for the future.

Do you feel like a fish out of water when it comes to technology?
Whether you have been meaning to learn more about modern day technology for a long time, or you feel like you are being dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age, I understand! Perhaps you have been bought a gadget as a gift, or been persuaded to buy one, or just feel like you will be left behind if you don’t. Perhaps family members are urging you to get onto Skype or Facebook, Email or Whatsapp and you haven’t got a clue! Or you are struggling to understand your technology in your work environment. You are not alone! I can help ease you into your new world of gadgets with the help of friendly personal attention, patient tuition and as many written cheat sheets as you need! Or maybe you have been using technology for some time, and just feel like you could do with a little help to move you on further. You might have been managing quite well previously, but if you have changed from using Windows to a Mac or vice versa, got a new smart phone, opted to go for a tablet rather than a computer, if you upgraded from XP to Windows 8 and are still lost, wondering if you should take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade, or if you are now working from home and suddenly miss the support of the in-house IT department, you may know the feeling!  Click here to see what you can learn.




If you are feeling techie, you can pay for your lesson, gift voucher or brand new shiny website easily and instantly by using Barclays Pingit or Paym to pay directly using my mobile phone number – 07595 724671. For more payment options please see the Prices page.

Are you a someone who could do with setting up a digital method of payment like Pingit or Paym for yourself? Contact me to see if I can help you.




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I think not.....

As ever, if you receive an email or text telling you that there is some sort of problem with your account, close it, and, if you actually do have an account with that company, go there via your own means, not via any link provided. In this case, apparently, your Apple account has been disabled. Open up a browser and go to or and log in with your Apple ID and password. You will soon know if there is a problem. But there very probably isn't.

This is a typical phishing scam, telling you that there is a problem with your Apple account, coming from a non-genuine email address, wanting to take you to a web page where you will be asked to fill in your financial details. There is a spelling mistake in this email (a typical error in such things) and also 'iTunes Inc' should really read 'Apple Inc'. Another typical feature is the sense of urgency it is trying to inject in order to make you panic - in this case, the link apparently 'expires' in 48 hours. If you get such an email, or anything similar claiming to be from Apple, please do forward it to them using

Apple have also provided a page that gives you information on what you would and would not expect from a genuine email from them.
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If researching your family tree is something that you have been meaning to do for ages, then I can certainly help with that! I can set you up and get you pointed in the right direction with all the fantastic online help there is these days, or we can build your tree together. It is one of the more fun and amazing things that you can do online that brings a great deal of satisfaction! ... See MoreSee Less

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Gmail users - be aware of scoundrels pretending to be someone they are not. But everyone needs to be careful about similar 'phishing' scams. As ever, it is best not to click on links in emails. If you really do have an account with a certain company, leave the email aside and go to their website by your normal method or by searching for their genuine web site address. Or, just give them a call if you are concerned, especially in the case of utility companies.

Click the link below for the full article.
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